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'Supernatural' Season 12 Air Date, Spoilers Cast, News & Update: Misha Collins Slips On New Character! All-New Details Revealed!

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“Supernatural” Season 11 capped its brilliant season with a couple of plots that included the return of ”Lucifer” (Mark Pellegrino), the rise of “Amara” (Emily Swallow) and the revelation of “Chuck” (Rob Benedict) as “God”. But overall, the tandem of “Sam” (Jared Padalecki) and “Dean” (Jensen Ackles) is expected to venture on next season against cast villains.

One of the stars of “Supernatural” Misha Collins (who plays “Castiel”) may have slipped on a possible angle which is the hiring of a certain person for "Supernatural" Season 12.

"I know one person who's been hired in Season 12, but I can't tell you. I'm sorry to be completely useless there, but I do know that their character is going to be on the show."

Now the problem here is whether the character is a new face or an old one. If it is an old face, it could be someone resurrected which points to possibly Samantha Smith who played “Mary”. After returning from the dead in the season finale, there is a good chance that she could end up taking a recurring role in  “Supernatural" Season 12.

Tied up to that, with the return of “Mary” will the hunting days of the “Winchesters” take a different route? Even if they intend to do so, it looks like the “dark side” will not allow it as the “supernatural” may haunt them. And with that in mind, it seems a bit hard to see them running and not finding ways to fight them off.

But Smith is not the only one who could be the “hire”. It could also be “Lucifer” as well. If not an old face, the new character could be a new one with allegedly no supernatural powers at all.

Whatever happens, the only thing certain is “Supernatural” Season 12 will air this Fall on CW.

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