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The longtime running fictional television series could be running its last course. Supernatural Season 12 is reportedly The CW’s last green light. However, reports of a possible spinoff may just bring the show back.

In Season 11 episodes, “God” has been revealed in his human form. He did not defeat The Darkness. However, the epic siblings went on a much needed vacation instead. What will Supernatural Season 12 reveal for the loyal followers?

According to Christian Times, there are two possibilities that may happen. Supernatural Season 12 may be the last of the fictional series or a spinoff will likely occur. After Season 11, viewers are wondering where the show will take them. Seeing as the Chuck and Amara battle has already been closed in the books. The last look before Season 11 closed was when Dean Winchester found his mother alive and Sam was taken in as a prisoner for his spiritual meddling. Movie Pilot cites events in and facts about “Supernatural” which alleges that season 12 will be the show’s final installment.

But fans are still not tired of seeing Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles play the Winchester brothers. Though they’ve already spent eleven years playing their parts. But if they choose to retire after the 12th run, an article from Fan sided explains that The CW is open to a possible spinoff. It looks like the potential spinoff will center around the Wayward Daughters. If you recall the blade swinging and gun slinging girl party – Jody Mills, Donna Hanscum and their mentoring girls, human and supernatural alike. Since The CW’s viewership is female-driven, the network’s president is open to the possibility of a spinoff. It already has started to take the lead with the acquisition of Supergirl.

Fans can expect Jody Mills and the girls to lead the spinoff and possibly make their last appearances as well in Supernatural Season 12.

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