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Netflix News: When Will ‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Be Released?

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Netflix and Supernatural have long been great partners. But now that Hulu has been trying to carve out a piece of the streaming video market share, the relationship between Netflix and Supernatural was in jeopardy. That is until recent negotiations between Netflix and The CW parent companies have taken a broader turn for the better.

If fans of Supernatural have been wondering when Season 11 of Supernatural will debut on the streaming video giant, then not only do we have good news for you, but we have outstanding news, according to a report on Deadline.

In the past, fans of Supernatural have had to wait months to get the most recent season on Netflix for a two-night binge. Sometimes, the amount of time it would take to watch a full season of Supernatural on Netflix was not even enough time to get it in before the new season would premiere on The CW. That’s because the previous season would only debut a day or two before the new season of Supernatural would air.

But now, there are reports that all CW shows, which are produced and owned by the network’s parents, Warner Bros. TV and CBS TV Studios, will not only be going to Netflix, but they will also be coming sooner than fans might think. That includes Season 11 of Supernatural, which will debut Season 12 on The CW on October 13.

What’s even better is that the new deal between Netflix and The CW will be for five years, which means that fans are not left in the lurch waiting to see if their favorite show/season will even make it to Netflix. For the past couple of years, Supernatural was in jeopardy of being taken off of Netflix and possibly being sent to Hulu. But that is not the case anymore.

In the new deal between Netflix and The CW, the time between a show’s season finale and the date it premieres on Netflix will be significantly shortened. That means that Supernatural Season 11 will be coming much sooner than the usual September or October release on Netflix. Supernatural fans may even get it as early as July, or maybe August, but there have been no definitive plans for that as of yet.

Fans of Supernatural were eagerly anticipating the return of the show last fall for Season 11 to premiere on The CW. That’s because some big stuff happened in the Season 10 finale that left Supernatural fans with a major cliffhanger to deal with. That was, of course, the release of the Darkness following Dean Winchester’s release from the Mark of Cain.

Not only did Supernatural leave fans with the cliffhanger, but they also left them with something that the Winchester brothers hadn’t had in a long time, and that was to unite as normal brothers with nothing Supernatural attached to either one of them.

Fans were chomping at the bit to see what it would now be like to see the Supernatural heroes back on the same page, hunting demons down as normal human brothers.

Now Supernatural have something else they want to see before Season 12 premieres. For those who did not tune into Season 11 when it aired on The CW, be warned that there are some MILD SPOILERS that are coming.

Without giving too much away, the Darkness will be taking human form in Season 11 of Supernatural. There is much more to the Darkness than fans may think, and there is also a pre-Biblical storyline at play in the season.

This article will not spoil any other part of Supernatural Season 11 for you since you are reading here to see when it releases on Netflix.

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