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'Supernatural' Season 12 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Series Set To Have Two New Showrunners And Villains?

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In line with "Supernatural" season 12, two new showrunners and villains have been revealed.

According to TV Line, the new showrunners for "Supernatural" are Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer. They are set to take over the show from Jeremy Carver, who has already made his final bow for the series. Carver managed to finish "Supernatural" season 11 and he is set to focus on a new project for The CW, which is entitled "Frequency."

Dabb is known for producing previous seasons of "Supernatural," along with his documentary entitled "Adventures Into Digital Comics." He has joined the crew since season 4 and began as the series writer. At present, he is also a co-executive producer of the hit series.

On the other hand, Singer is known for producing and writing "Supernatural," Deborah Joy LeVine's adventure drama "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," and Richard Di Lello's "Midnight Caller."

In other news, the Men of Letters are going to be the new prime antagonists, according to Buddy TV. As per the publication, they are simple human beings devoid of super powers. The do not come from another realm, as opposed to the previous villains. This means that the Winchester brothers are set to come face to face with mortal villains. Also, it is assumed that the said foes would spell difference to other super powered villains.

Aside from the Men of Letters, Mary is also assumed to be part of "Supernatural" season 12. According to reports, she was alive and well at the end of the eleventh season and whether she is mortal or not is yet to be revealed.

"Supernatural" season 12 is assumed to return in the fall.

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