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‘Supernatural’ Season 12: The Winchesters Against The Men Of Letters?

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After the shocking and entertaining Supernatural Season 11 finale, fans have now started to look at next season. They want to know what could happen and whether Lady Toni did actually kill Sam or not.

With a change in showrunners, this season is likely to be very different from recent seasons. This is especially the case since this is the first time two showrunners have officially been appointed for Supernatural. The good news is the two newcomers have been part of the show from early days (one from the very beginning), so they know the Winchester brothers well.

With those worries out of the way, it is time to look at the cliffhanger Jeremy Carver left Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb to work with. Lady Toni showed up at the Men of Letters base and told Sam that the Winchesters have caused far too many problems. She even shot him — at least, that is presumed, even though the shot took place off screen. It is possible that it was a warning shot.

The Men of Letters have been watching the Winchesters for some time, and they are interested in them. That isn’t surprising, considering the Winchester family line was supposed to go into the Men of Letters, rather than being typical hunters.

Parent Herald points out that the Men of Letters have never really been expanded and focused on. It is clear that it is a secret society that dates back through the centuries and has access to lore. They also have various departments around the country, and one of those is the London division. This was looked at during Season 11 but was never considered in any further detail.

At no point have the Winchesters ever looked further into who the Men of Letters were or are, nor have they even checked to see if there are any divisions running. They believed the Kansas base was the only one around for so long, and they seemed genuinely surprised when they learned that there are other divisions around the world. Yet, they have then never gone out actively searching for these other divisions.

Season 12 looks to expand the lore of the Men of Letters, including who they are and why they never sent anyone back to the Kansas division after Abbadon’s initial attack on them. It is time for everyone to explain why the base was allowed to remain empty for so long, as well as just how long they have been keeping an eye on the Winchesters.

It would be interesting to know whether Supernatural is going to move countries. While the filming will remain in Vancouver, is it possible that Sam and Dean will end up in London as they learn more about the Men of Letters.

There are possibilities that enough information will be given to see if the Men of Letters could create an interesting spinoff. It is no secret that the CW wants to see a Supernatural spinoff, but nothing has materialized yet. The Bloodlines spinoff didn’t do too well with fans, but the show seems to keep ignoring the idea of

, which is something fans would like to see. Now it is possible that the Men of Letters will be adapted with a spinoff in mind in the future.

It is also possible that the Men of Letters is setting up for the end of Supernatural. Is it possible that the Winchesters will end up dying right at the end? The CW hasn’t confirmed or denied that Season 12 will be the end, and it is likely that the decision will be made later on in the season.

Big changes are coming for Supernatural Season 12. It will return sometime in fall 2016 on Thursday nights.

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