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Supernatural Season 11 may have only just finished, but fans want to know what will happen with Season 12. When will it air and who will be a part of it? Here’s a look at everything known so far about Supernatural Season 12.

The first point is the change to the day on the schedule. Those who have had Wednesday nights blocked out for some time will need to change it to Thursday nights when the show returns. CW has already announced its lineup for fall 2016, and Supernatural will follow Legends of Tomorrow. At least it is returning for fall 2016, as The Originals and The 100 are being held off until January 2017, as The Inquisitr has previously reported.

No official premiere date has been given for the new season. Den of Geek believes that it will be October 12 for the Supernatural Season 12 premiere, since New York Comic Con will be the week before, and the guys are expected to be there.

Another known fact is that Jeremy Carver is leaving. Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb will take over the reins of the show, making it the first time two official showrunners have been hired. This could take the show in a completely different direction, as it will allow the showrunners to listen to different viewer points and discuss options fully.

There is nothing to worry about with the two new showrunners. They both know the Winchesters inside and out. Robert Singer was even there throughout Seasons 1-5 when it was at its best..

 The third known fact is that the Men of Letters will appear more in the season. The show has tried to adapt the fictional secret society for a number of years, but this will be the first time the main focus will be on them. Lady Toni, played by Elizabeth Blackmore, has already kickstarted the storyline by possibly shooting Sam Winchester at the bunker.

Where this storyline will be set and where it will take the viewers are still unknown. There are just hints that the Men of Letters will cause trouble for the Winchesters.

While Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard will return, there is another returning face that fans have not seen for some time. Mary Winchester, played by Samantha Smith, will be back. She was resurrected at the end of Supernatural Season 11 as a thank you gift from Amara to Dean.

Her involvement in the boys’ lives and what she knows of the last 30-plus years is unknown, but she will change everything for the Winchesters. The whole reason they got involved with hunting was because of her death, and she never wanted her boys to be raised as hunters. What will it mean for them now?

Finally, another known fact is that anything is possible. Before, the show had followed a very similar pattern, especially from Season 6 onwards. Supernatural‘s Season 11 finale was the first time the brothers didn’t sacrifice themselves entirely; although the possibility was there. It was the first time they didn’t do something that meant devastation to the world. Now, anything is possible, as the usual formula has been scrapped, and fans enjoyed seeing something different.

What that something different will be is completely unknown. There is so much available for the new showrunners to explore, as well as lore that has barely been touched on.

The exact date for the Season 12 premiere is unknown, but October 12 sounds about right. This will follow the pattern of the last few years for the CW. At least Supernatural Season 12 will air in fall 2016, and anything is possible this year.

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