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'Supernatural' Season 11 Episodes 19, 20, and 21 plus Finale Spoilers

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Filming on season 11 of CW's "Supernatural" 23-episode television series just concluded very recently, and only very few episodes remain to play out the rest of the story and tie up loose ends. Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), an actor from the show, even shared a snapshot on Twitter that showed him sitting outside a trailer, holding up a sign that said "The end is near," along with his co-actors Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, who play Dean Winchester and Castiel/Lucifer on the show, respectively. With the season shoot all done, the show can now resume airing with its next episode, the 19th, entitled "The Chitters."

The upcoming episode, which was scheduled to air Tuesday, April 27, will see the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, setting aside the Amara problem and traveling to a place in Colorado to fight monsters.

Upon reaching the small town, they look into the matter and meet the local sheriff, a woman who believes aliens are responsible for the attacks on the town's population. The brothers realize that this piece of news may not be the answer they sought. But, when they come across another woman who tells them about green-eyed, sharp-teethed monsters, they begin to understand the bizarre annual event that takes place in the town.

These creatures are called "chitters," according to the woman. Dean comes face to face with one of them, as shown in the promo clip. Chitters have been terrorizing the town every generation, victimizing its population every 27 years, their visits nearly decimating the townspeople. The two heroes would need to do something about the problem before any more people end up disappearing. To do this, they team up with two hunters from the town who have their own agenda in destroying the monsters.

The monsters have apparently killed off several members of this town's own hunting duo, who have been biding their time to exact their revenge.

After fighting with green-eyed monsters, the next episode on the show would be ""Don't Call Me Shurley," where Amara/The Darkness (played by guest star Emily Swallows) comes back to let loose a stronger strain of the black vein virus in the form of a dark fog that falls over a town, infecting its citizens with madness.

This episode will be "Supernatural's" 20th and will air on May 4. It will see the return of another character, Chuck Shurley (Rob Benedict), who has been widely speculated to be none other than God for several reasons. Only one prophet can only exist at a time and can only be replaced upon his death, as per Castiel. So since Kevin Tran was first revealed as a prophet and is still alive, Chuck cannot be one too. And the latter seems to know much more than a prophet should as well as have abilities such as seeing into events which are currently unfolding. Even more evidence piles up when Ackles helped speculations along by saying, "I'm not going to give it away! [You] probably already know."

That could only have meant the rumors and speculations on Chuck being none other than the "all-seeing God" are true.

On May 11, the 21st episode for the show's season 11, "All in the Family," will follow. This is where Amara lets Dean see how she tortures Lucifer (Collins). In their concern for Castiel, Sam and Dean hatch a plan to wrench him from Amara's control.

At this point, there will only be two more episodes to season 11. The finale will be the 23rd one, and its title, "Alpha and Omega," will no doubt be a source of extreme agitation for the show's fans. In Christian parlance, the phrase is used to refer to none other than God while the Greek symbols mean "the beginning and the end." As title to the episode, this may indicate that viewers may finally see the face of God revealed with the much-rumored Chuck being the vessel. The last episode of the season may air on May 25 following the weekly schedule set.

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  • Okay here’s what I don’t understand in regards to its an old episode when they did the swan song when Sam and Sam’s half brother when they were possessed by the Archangel Michael and Lucifer and they fell into the pit and went into the cage in Hell the one thing I don’t understand is when it came time that before Lucifer became free it showed just Lucifer but no Michael which was really weird. So if they were to release Lucifer out of the cage already why don’t they go back down and release the Archangel Michael to help them with the Battle of Amara.


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