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In “Supernatural” season 11, Chuck will return in episode 20. The question on everyone’s mind is – is Chuck really God? People have been wondering this for quite a few years. Hopefully it will be answered, if not in the 20th episode then, in the coming episodes of this season at least. However, here are 5 reasons regarding why Chuck could be God.

1) Chuck Shurley was introduced as a prophet and according to Castiel, there can only be one active prophet at a time. So, when that prophet dies, another one is awakened and will take the place of the previous one. Now, when Kevin Tran was revealed as a prophet, Chuck was still alive. So, that in itself is a huge anomaly! This really does imply that Chuck was not a prophet at all and since he knew so much, that could mean he is actually God.

2) Also, Kevin is a prophet for sure and yet he has never shown abilities like Chuck, such as being able to prophesize or see events currently taking place. This could either mean that different prophets have different abilities or that Chuck really is the all knowing, all seeing God.

3) At a ‘Salute to Supernatural’ event in Las Vegas, Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester had given a hint. He had said (via Enstarz), “I’m not going to give it away! [You] probably already know.” So, this sort of does imply that all those rumors and theories about Chuck being God could very well be correct.

4) As mentioned before, Rob Benedict will return in episode 20 and if you take a look at the cast for that episode on IMDB, in front of Benedict’s name, “God” is clearly mentioned. This really is a huge hint towards the fact that Chuck really could be God.

5) Then, there is what Rob Benedict himself blurted out when a little girl asked him how it felt to play God. According to IBTimes he said, “Awesome, to be all-knowing.. I didn’t know that I was God until…” and then stopped maybe because he just realized that he had let the cat out of the bag!

“Supernatural” will return with the episode 19 on April 27, 2016.

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