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It was Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s birthday on April 22. It looks like this year has been going on quite well for him. He played James Wayne in “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and got another coveted TV role.

As reported by, he scored the role of the biggest baddie,Negan in “The Walking Dead“. However, one role many of his fans will know him by is John Winchester on “Supernatural“. His portrayal of John has been controversial to say the least. For many he has been the worst dad ever, while others are more kind towards him. So, while he wasn’t the best father in the world neither was he that bad and here are 7 reasons why!

1) During the course of Dean and Sam’s childhood, he was hard on them but that does not mean that he has a bad father. He had lost his wife and wanted to keep his sons safe as well. He was doing his best under the circumstances. Being a single parent in never the easiest and on top of that being that in a world where you know monsters exist, it’s a rough gig. In Season 1 Episode 14, even Sam, who had the most amount of friction with his dad, himself says it, “Well he could have gone a whole other way after mom. A little more tequila,  and a little less demon hunting, and we would have had Max’s childhood. All things considered, we turned out okay, thanks to him.”

2) On top of all this, John made sure that his boys knew how to fend for themselves in case something came at them. He taught them how to hunt and made them one of the best hunters out there.


3) John may have resented Sam for leaving him and going to college but let’s not forget that he saved money so that Sam could go to college. The only reason he freaked out was because he was afraid that he would not be able to protect him. Also, while John did cut off contact with Sam, he also regularly visited Palo Alto to check on him. His love for Sam never diminished, no matter how much he may have disagreed with Sam’s choices.


4) Also, in Season 2, John actually climbed out of hell to save Dean! Dean was near death and in order to save him, John summons Azazel and offers his life in exchange for Dean’s.


5) John taught his sons one of the most valuable lessons ever–family is everything. This has been their motto ever since. John instilled a strong sense of family in them and as this Fanpop article says, John’s love for his family rubbed off on his sons.  So, whenever Dean and Sam are in any tight situation, the thing that keeps them going is knowing that they are each other’s family and they will always have each other’s backs.

6) Plus, there is Adam as well, his other son. It was a shock for not just Dean and Sam but, also rest of the fans to find out about his existence. He did not abandon his duties as a father when he easily could have done so. John tried his best to be there for Adam and give him a normal father-son experience.

7) On a lighter note, John gave Dean his beloved Impala, “baby”! The Impala is Dean’s life and he would be incomplete without it. In fact, “Supernatural” would be incomplete without it. So, if nothing else, a huge thanks to John for giving Dean the Impala that is a symbol of family, home and love for him.


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