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It was the birthday of the amazing “Supernatural” actress Ruth Connell on April 20. She plays the wonderfully devious witch Rowena and Crowley’s mother on the show.

In honor of her birthday, here are 5 reasons why her character Rowena is so awesome!

1) Ruth Connell‘s Rowena is one of the sassiest characters on the show. Now, we know from where Crowley gets his dry humor from. She combines her sass with being brutally honest. This gives whatever she says that edge while being hilarious at the same time. Thus, Rowena is pretty much the queen of sass!

2) While she may be funny and everything, but it takes less than a moment for her to switch from that to becoming downright scary! Of course, her brand of scariness is pretty unique. In season 10, when she was first introduced, Rowena was casually reading a book while two people were pinned to the ceiling. Just can’t beat her.

3) It is difficult to hate her. She knows she is bad and she loves it plus fully embraces it. As Fansided put it, she does not apologize for hating her son, Fergus, or her many attempts to kill him. Neither does she apologize for choosing witchcraft over Crowley and in the same breath acknowledges that she was a terrible mother. Despite all this, one just can’t help admire her grit and admiration. One may get annoyed with her from time to time but, all out hating her is pretty much difficult to do.

4) Rowena’s Scottish accent is the best! Her “wee” this and that are so fun to hear. Of course, the fact that Ruth Connell is Scottish herself is a huge factor when it comes to that perfect accent.


5) Seeing Ruth Connell’s return as Rowena in the last episode of “Supernatural” was a treat for many fans plus her acting was so on point. As a TV Fanaticwriter said, her changes in emotion and allegiance, as she got to know Amara’s intentions and witnessed her powers, were compelling. Plus, the way her expressions changed from initial, concealed fear to all out panic when the warding failed was fun to see.

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  • I am a huge fan I think you are a tremendous actor and I hope to hear from you

    Cory on

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