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‘Supernatural’ season 11: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles wrap up filming

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Supernatural” season 11 is coming to a close … or at least it is from a production point of view.

Over the weekend, series star Jared Padalecki posted the image below on his official Twitter account, which really serves as all of the confirmation that you need that he and Jensen Ackles are wrapping things up for the time being. Granted, the two guys are going to be coming back to Vancouver in the summer for season 12, so it’s really more of a temporary goodbye than anything else.

For fans, the good news is that this will be far from the last time you’ll probably see these two together over the months ahead, given that these guys tend to be pretty active on the convention circuit. If nothing else, there’ll more than likely be San Diego Comic-Con.

There’s still a lot of story still to tell this season on “Supernatural,” and with that we imagine that we’re going to have a whole lot more to report on before we even get around to the finale airing next month. For one, we know that Rob Benedict is returning as Chuck, and with that, it’s only fair to anticipate that the battle against Amara is going to be hitting a crescendo and getting more and more intense as time progresses. Also, who knows? It’s certainly possible that at some point along the line, the show is also going to introduce some elements that serve as the core for the twelfth season.

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