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Every “Supernatural” fan loves the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam. However, off screen as well the actors who play these roles – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are no less brothers.

Their actions speak volumes about their brotherly bond.

1) Before Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki got married, they lived together. Surely, that must have had a huge role in really cementing their friendship.

2) These two guys were each other’s groomsmen at their respective weddings as well. Now, other co-stars may invite each other to their weddings but the bond between Jensen and Jared clearly runs deeper.

3) They help each other whether it is serious or silly. For example, Jared is pretty active on social media and Jensen has himself admitted he is not. So, when the latter decided to take the plunge and join Twitter, Jared was there to teach him the ropes.

Now onto serious things, according to Bustle, in 2015, Jared suffered from exhaustion due to which he had to leave a convention. Jensen showed his full support not only in private but also publicly. He let everyone know what an amazing hard working guy Jared is. He explained that they told Jared to go home, rest and be with his family.

Jensen added, “As you know, he’s a big guy with a big heart, and he gives a lot of it out. He needed to get some rest, so keep him in your thoughts and send him some wishes.”

4) For Jensen and Jared the party continues even after they leave the “Supernatural” set. For example, as reported by Austin 360, the two partied together in the city where Jensen has shifted base.

5) So, not only are Jensen and Jared the cutest of best friends, even their respective families are close to each other. So close in fact that they even vacation together at times and have even spent quite a few Christmases together.

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