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'Supernatural' Roundup: Are God and Amara Coming Back? Plus Find out Why Castiel and Crowley Are Teaming Up

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Supernatural ended season 11 by reuniting God and Amara (and dropping two massive cliffhangers). The siblings' reconciliation seemingly wraps up the family drama between the light and the darkness, but does that mean God and Amara are out of the picture for season 12?

In a show where anything is possible, Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb reminds fans that God and Amara "are not out of our universe." However, if you're expecting the siblings to drop by in the upcoming season, don't hold your breath.
"We're not going to play it heavily in season 12," Dabb told Entertainment Weekly. "I wouldn't say conclusively that their story is over, but I would say that their story is happening off-screen. God, in a lot of ways, trusts Sam and Dean more than he trusts himself. God has made mistakes. God has caused more destruction with the Amara thing, with the apocalypse and leaving the angels in charge, than Sam and Dean have. They have saved more people than he has, basically. He puts all his trust in them, or a lot of his trust in them, so I think he feels very comfortable stepping away." 
"God's really only been a part of our story a little bit behind-the-scenes starting in season 4 and 5 and then kind of disappeared and really only came back for a few episodes last season, and while things worked out, they didn't work out necessarily because of anything he had done. They worked out because of the evolution Amara went through and the things Dean did," Dabb added.
Meanwhile, Lucifer is still out there and he comes in the form of Rick Springfield. That spells bad news not only for Crowley, who is trying to reclaim his throne in hell, but also for Castiel, who isn't pleased about Lucifer using him as his vessel. But something good may come out of this: Castiel and Crowley's "buddy cop comedy."
"Castiel and Crowley have kind of teamed up in season 12 and are working together," Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, told Entertainment Weekly. Collins and Mark Sheppard, who plays the former King of Hell, also tease that fans can expect a sort of '70s sitcom/'80s buddy cop comedy when the pair takes on Lucifer.
Are you looking forward to Castiel and Crowley's antics? Any theories on how Supernatural will deal with Lucifer this season?
Supernatural season 12 premieres Thursday, October 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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