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'Supernatural' Season 11: 'Seriously Weird Stuff' On Tap, Misha Collins Teases Castiel's Future [VIDEO

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Will Cas ever wrest control back from Lucifer? Misha Collins dishes on the angel's next move.


Lucifer hasn't heard the last of Supernatural's Castiel.

If your looking for two headstrong angels on opposite ends of the evil spectrum, you can find them both chilling in Jimmy Novak's vessel. The Devil isn't quite as in control of his new meat suit as he would like, and while Cas (Misha Collins) can't seem to expel Luci, he isn't done trying to take control.

Get ready to dive inside Castiel's crowed head - Lucifer and Cas are about to have a little chat.

"Spoiler alert! Cover your ears if you don't like that sort of thing. We will be seeing that conversation in the future," Collins told fans at Creation Entertainment's Las Vegas Salute to Supernatural. "It's a pretty weird thing. There's going to be a bunch a people talking in Castiel's head."

While we don't know exactly when this angelic convo will take place (perhaps during "Hell's Angel"?), the actor promised their tête-à-tête isn't even the most bizarre situation to pass in front of the season 11 cameras.

"Some seriously weird stuff is coming down the pipe," Collins teased. "I told some of my friends some of the stuff that's in the final scripts that we're shooting now and they're like, 'That's awesome...I think I might watch the show.'"

Castiel allowed Lucifer to take over his vessel back in the midseason premiere, and while the Prince of Darkness tried to hide his identity from the Winchesters for a few episodes, the truth eventually came tumbling out. Cas managed to break the devil's control long enough to save Sam's (Jared Padalecki) life in "The Vessel," but other than that, Lucifer is running the show. If Heaven's most notorious son really can defeat the Darkness, than Cas' sacrifice won't be in vein. If not, well then Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) better figure out a way to save their wingman right quick.

In the meantime, the boys will have their hands full with a little monster-off-the-week drama. "Safe House" will bring Bobby and Rufus back into the mix while "Red Meat" will add a bullet hole to the Winchesters' long list of scars (see a preview below).

Supernatural will return to The CW on March 23.

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