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Supernatural Season 11 shouldn't bring back God, and here's why

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God has always been absent in the history of Supernatural, yet Season 11 has been building up to his return to fight The Darkness in the season finale. But is this a bad idea?

God's return, while not confirmed, is a highly anticipated moment in Supernatural. News that Chuck is returning in Supernatural Season 11: Episode 20 has led fans to believe that we might finally see Chuck reveal himself as God and destroy The Darkness. While we're sure that it'd make for an awesome and dramatic confrontation, we don't think that God's comeback is a good thing at all. Ever since the series premiered eleven years ago, Supernatural has been about two brothers on their own against a chaotic world. They had allies that helped them along the way, but in the end the only person that they could rely on was each other. Yet across the years, God has never appeared to get rid of the abominations that roamed the Earth and instead has let death and destruction reign supreme, even when Lucifer returned. Amara and Lucifer have both been shown to care more for humanity than God ever has.

Back in Season 5, while Sam accepted his destiny as Lucifer's vessel, Dean fought back and refused to be Michael's, and as a result he rejected his destiny and forged his own path of his own free will. This free will and faith in one another is what has allowed Sam and Dean to prevail across the years - not some form of divine intervention. Dean stood no chance fighting Lucifer, but he went to interrupt the end of the world to reach out to Sam, because he still believed in his little brother, and he was sure that Sam could hear him and would be able to overpower Lucifer. To introduce God into Supernatural and use him as a plot device to defeat The Darkness would be to dismiss these themes of free will and faith in family that have been so essential to the Winchesters, because it would make them passive spectators of Amara's defeat rather than active participants.

This is why it's important that God doesn't return, and that Sam and Dean are the ones to put The Darkness down. The highlight of Season 11 so far has been when Sam's faith in God was shaken when it was revealed that Lucifer sent him visions rather than the great deity, and the absence of God makes Sam and Dean's fight all the more poignant when it seems most futile. Jared Padalecki has teased Sam's relationship with God in Season 11, and while he remains coy as to whether God will return, here at melty we think the best decision would be for Sam's faith in God to be destroyed once and for all. In doing this, the only person he could rely on would be his brother, who is completely incapable of fighting The Darkness due to his connection to her. It would be a tragic turn, but one that is all the more satisfying when the brothers have overcome the odds.


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