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6 Times Amara Terrified Us in 'Supernatural' Season 11

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Let's just face facts, in the end Amara went out in a pretty weak way. For all her talk of destruction and darkness, all Amara really wanted was to be loved and accepted. Before her lamest of endings, Amara was a terrifying villain who did some pretty horrifying things. Here are the 6 most menacing Amara moments from Supernatural season 11.

1. Killing Metatron
It's true that Metatron was not the most likable of Supernatural characters, not by a long shot. Metatron was kind of the worst. However something must be said for how quickly and seemingly painfully Amara dispatched of God's scribe. Metatron wasn't Amara's only kill in season 11 but he is one of the more of the gruesome and shocking murders. 
2. Surviving a Smiting
There was never any real hope that the smiting of Amara would actually end her once and for all. TV simply doesn't work that way when the main adversary is defeated before the season is half over. Still, even if it wasn't permanent, the angels smiting of Amara was a monstrously big event and really looked like all the angel's collective power was used in full force. Amara barely flinched after the smiting though. This certainly wasn't the first or last time Amara suffered a big blow and remained unharmed but it was one of the most effective.
3. Torturing Lucifer
You have to be pretty dang evil if whatever you are doing makes someone feel bad for Satan himself. Amara's capture and subsequent torturing of Lucifer was not only lacking in any bit of mercy it actually made us feel sorry for the former lord of Hell. Lucifer, might kinda sorta be evil incarnate but Amara really relished in making him pay of locking him in the cage. It must have been horrible to be stuck in a cage for millennium, it has to suck even more to be tortured to the point of death ad nausem.  
4. Small Town Takeover
"Don't Call Me Shurley" was far from the first time Supernatural saw Amara's fog take over the minds and bodies of some innocents. While it wasn't the first, it was the most horrifying. "Don't Call Me Shurley" is one ofSupernatural's best episodes ever for a number of reasons and most of those reasons involve Chuck AKA God. Yet while Supernatural fans were learning a lot about the Almighty, Sam and Dean were stuck in terrifying horror movie unable to stop the flow of Amara's slow but complete destruction of a small town. Thankfully God did step in the last moment. If not for the divine intervention it is likely that Sam would have died once again and Dean would have been left all alone. 
5. Trying to Kill God
The Winchesters almost had Amara or they appeared to anyway. As far as big plans go God's scheme in "We Happy Few" to trap his sister wasn't all that bad. It looked like it was working too as Amara ended more battered than we ever seen her before. Looks however are very deceiving as Amara annihilated the Winchester's hopes of salvation in about 5 seconds. Amara trying to kill her brother God was not just a jaw dropper of a cliffhanger it was Amara at her most powerful and scary.
6. Seducing a Winchester
Yet more than (trying to) kill the Creator, Amara's most horrifying act was something much more human. Throughout season 11 Amara had many unnerving scenes but it was her meeting with Dean in "O Brother Where Art Thou" that takes the cake. The scariest thing about Amara wasn't that she was Darkness incarnate or impossibly powerful. It was the strange and magnetic hold she had over one of God's best warriors, Dean. More than any soul sucking, magical resilience or declaration of darkness, it was Amara's passionate lip lock with Dean Winchester that was her most menacing act.  

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