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Supernatural 11 Episode 18 Recap: What Did You Think of "Hell's Angel"?

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In the An-Nafud Desert in Saudi Arabia, a man enters an isolated tent with a can of gasoline. Three other men are in the tent and they eat. The wind shakes the tent, and Crowley appears and asks where "he" is. One of the men pulls aside a curtain to reveal a man on a bed. The man, Noel, looks up at Crowley and confirms that he truly has it. He says that it is Crowley's if he holds up his end of the bargain, and Crowley takes out a scroll. Noel says that he's had a good life thanks to Crowley, and it seemed like it was worth his soul. He tells Crowley to destroy the scroll, and Crowley asks to see the item first. Noel's servant takes out the Horn of Joshua from a chest and Noel explains that it was touched by the Hand of God. Crowley can sense that it's authentic, and Noel tells Crowley to tell up the scroll. Once Crowley does so, Noel sighs in relief and warns that he doesn't have long. Crowley breaks his neck with a magical gesture an takes the Horn. As he walks out, the men aims rifles at him. Crowley gestures and they aim at and shoot each other.

Later in St. Louis, Lucifer calls Dean and says that he has the solution to all their problems. He says that he has a weapon that channels divinity. Demons drive down the street looking for Crowley, who tells Dean that the Horn can destroy Amara or Lucifer. Dean is interested, and Crowley tells him to meet him at a post office in St. Louis. He's forced to hang up as the demons close in, and Dean calls Sam in.

In an ancient crypt, Amara is lying down and warns that she doesn't feel any different. Rowena casts healing spells on her and assures Amara that she'll heal her as she promised. Amara realizes that Rowena is Crowley's mother, and says that Crowley tried to control her when she was a child. Rowena assures her that she and Crowley loath each other, and she's helping Amara because Amara will win. She has her own grudge against Lucifer, and Rowena remembers Lucifer in Castiel's body snapping her neck. Rowena explains that she kept a casket of powerful magic in her purse, and it brought her back to life. Amara says that Lucifer has hidden himself from her, and Rowena promises that she can fix the damage caused by the angel smiting. Then Amara can destroy her enemies and remake the world any way that she chooses... with Rowena at her side.

Sam and Dean go to the abandoned post office and find Crowley waiting for them. He explains that Lucifer kept him in a kennel and turned his demons against him. Crowley says that they have to match Amara's power, and he has the Horn of Joshua. He's willing to give it to them, and in return they exorcise Lucifer from Castiel's body and put Lucifer back in his cage. The brothers point out that they need Rowena and the Book of the Damned to open the cage, and Crowley admits that Lucifer killed Rowena.

In Heaven, Jofiel is checking the inmates when Lucifer in Castiel's body confronts him. Lucifer says that he comes in peace and just wants to lend a hand. When Jofiel calls for reinforcements, Lucifer vaporizes him.

Later, Lucifer meets with the angels in a conference room and points out that they failed to smite Amara. Now they know that they need him. Unimpressed, the angels remind him that God cast him out of Heaven, and Lucifer says that it was because he didn't buy into God's obsessive-compulsive love for Mankind. He points out that Mankind has made a mess of things, but Lucifer was the one who was punished. Two angels point out that God said Lucifer was evil incarnate, and Lucifer insists that it's all marketing. He offers to lock Amara away for good, and after that he'll stay around and take over Heaven.

Dean points out that they have to lock Amara away with Lucifer's. Crowley isn't interested in dealing with Lucifer, and the Winchesters figure that it's a matter of ego with Crowley. However, Dean says that they have to put Lucifer into a new vessel first. Sam figures that Castiel's vessel can hold Lucifer, and tells his brother that they have to make the smart choice for once. Crowley is tired of listening to them bicker and says that if Lucifer isn't back in the cage then the Horn stays hidden.

Rowena continues healing Amara, and Amara points out that Rowena has no capacity for concern. She asks what Rowena wants, and Rowena says that she wants to be there when Amara remakes the universe. Amara says that her tastes tend toward destruction, but she considers it renovation. Rowena says that she can provide Amara with information on Lucifer and the Winchesters, and offers her services as a confidant. She assures Amara that she doesn't have to be alone, and Amara decides to test her abilities.

Lucifer schmoozes the angels as they leave the conference room to consider his offer.

Sam says that Crowley isn't being reasonable, and Crowley doesn't care.

Amara screams "Hear me!" and releases a burst of energy.

In Heaven, the lights flicker and the firmament shakes. A wave of darkness sweeps toward the conference room.

The Winchesters feel the building shake.

The angels run back to the conference room and the darkness slams into Lucifer.

Crowley and the Winchesters go outside and see the darkness sweeping across the sky. Dean realizes that it's Amara.

Once the darkness disappears, Lucifer tells the angels it was payback for the angels smiting Amara. He warns that it's just a taste of what's going to come, and they need his help because God doesn't care.

Rowena stares at Amara in shock, and Amara says that she's back.

Back in the post office, Dean points out to Crowley that Amara shook up Heaven with a fraction of her power. Rowena mystically spies on them as they argue about whether to put Lucifer in the cage first. She lies and tells Amara that the Winchesters don't know what to do, and Amara apparently believes her.

Crowley refuses to negotiate, and Dean points out that they need Rowena and the Book of the Damned. A message from Rowena appears on a nearby board: "Back from the dead, Fergus."

Later, the Winchesters meet Rowena at an abandoned church and set up a devil's trap made of holy oil. Crowley arrives with the Horn and insists that he'll teleport away with the Horn if they don't use it to kill Lucifer. Rowena claims that she's been hiding. They cast the spell to summon Lucifer and offer the Horn, and Rowena hides as Lucifer appears within the trap. Sam lights the holy oil and Lucifer, unimpressed, points out that it seems like a trap. He sees the Horn and figures that he can use it to take out Amara. Nobody douses the flames, and Dean triggers the exorcism rite. Castiel' takes over his body momentarily, but then Lucifer reasserts control and says that Castiel doesn't want to take control back. Dean calls on Castiel to kick Lucifer out, and Lucifer tells them to hand over the Horn. Otherwise the warding will eventually fail and then he'll take it.

As the warding fades, Crowley leaves his host body and enters Castiel's body

Crowley finds himself in what seems to be the kitchen at the bunker. Castiel is watching TV, and explains that he comes there to pass the time. He tells Crowley that Lucifer mostly leaves him alone, and he's just waiting for the battle against the Darkness. Crowley tells Castiel what the Winchesters are doing, and Castiel admits that Dean may have a more objective view of the situation. Lucifer comes in and says that it's too late because he's not going anywhere... and neither is Crowley.

Sam and Dean wonder what's going on, and Rowena warns that the warding is beginning to fail.

Lucifer shoves Crowley around the imaginary kitchen.

The words "Kill me" burn themselves into Crowley's skull.

Lucifer continues beating Crowley.

Sam and Dean grab holy relics and try to exorcise Lucifer.

Lucifer chokes Crowley and says that everyone in Hell despises him.

Dean throws holy water on Castiel's body.

In the kitchen, the three entities hear Sam chanting.

Crowley's essence leaves Castiel's body and returns to his own. He says that Lucifer's hold on Castiel is too strong. The fire goes out and Lucifer complains that they lied to him. He summons the Horn to his hand as Crowley teleports away. Lucifer forces the Winchesters to sit down and says that it's time to end them. He begins crushing their hearts... and the window shatters. Lucifer turns to see Amara make her entrance.

Amara explains that she was tracking Rowena, and Lucifer says that Amara will wish she stayed sealed away. He takes the power from the Horn and directs it at Amara. When he's done, Amara is standing, unharmed. She pulls Lucifer to her and says that they need to have a nice long chat. Dean calls to Castiel, and Amara releases both brothers. She then teleports away with Castiel, and Rowena runs off.

Later at the bunker, Sam and Dean have beers and figure that Rowena was gambling on Amara as the winner. Dean suggests that a Hand has to be used by God's Chosen, and Lucifer doesn't qualify. With the Horn drained, they're back to square one again. Sam starts to apologize for offering to sacrifice Castiel, and Dean points out that they agreed not to interfere when one of them made a choice the other doesn't agree with. The brothers agree that's their policy from now on, and Dean says that it's time to find Castiel and bring him home.

Amara tortures Lucifer. He suggests that she rethink her position because he can be of use to her. Amara says that she wouldn't trust Lucifer for anything, and admits that she did trust him once. Lucifer and God conspired to seal her away, However, Amara concedes that Lucifer could be of some use to her. As Lucifer's first son, he may be the one thing that God cares about enough to show himself. Then Amara can confront Him and He can acknowledge the wrongs that she's done him. Then God will witness the destruction of Creation before He is swept away. Lucifer warns that God won't show, and Amara says that they'll see as she begins torturing him in earnest.

What did you think of this episode? Any predictions for the finale starting to form?

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