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What’s Inside Supernatural Monopoly?

What’s Inside Supernatural Monopoly?
As the Apocalypse draws closer, it’s up to you to buy, sell, and trade as many unholy monsters as possible. And to rise above your opponents, you must become the greatest hunter of all. Join us as we uncover what’s under the box top of Supernatural Monopoly, so you can outwit your enemies and own it all!
Monopoly Tokens Made For the Hunt: Capturing unholy monsters and infamous demons can be tricky, but with 6 collectible Monopoly tokens you’ll be a step ahead of the rest!


Hex Bag, Cheeseburger, Bobby’s Flask, Angel Blade, The Car, EMF Detector

A Game Board Brimming with Supernatural Powers: The custom game board features 22 monsters, demons, and evil creatures attempting to avoid your capture. Will you hunt down the elusive Lucifer or end up with just another Changeling?



Cards That Can Change the Fate of Humanity: In Supernatural Monopoly, Classic Chance and Community Chest Cards are transformed into Pie! and Men of Letters Cards and provide good and evil supernatural twists.


Monopoly Money of Power: Buy your way to victory with custom Supernatural Monopoly money. Each bill features an iconic symbol from the show.