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Check Out The ‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Trailer and Pic!

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My favorite boys are back pretty soon, and it would not be Supernatural if one brother wasn’t going after another brother to save his life. The longevity of the show is due to its ability to still surprise you after all this time, even when the characters act predictably. Of course we already knew what Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) reaction was going to be… the Winchesters are our family too.

Check out the season 12 video and photo below.

Last season, Sam and Castiel (Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins), went back to the bunker after (spoiler alert!) – existence did not cease, only to be sidelined by a “Men (Woman)” of Letters – Castiel angel-blasted out of there, and Sam shot. The biggest shock of all was Amara’s gift to Dean – his mother (Samantha Smith). After more than a decade of being a guest flashback, Mary Winchester gets to hunt in the present with her son (and hopefully sons). I’m super excited about their growing family, but it is too bad that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is busy at the moment being Negan on The Walking Dead to join his wife and sons.

The other piece we can look forward to is Rick Springfield as Lucifer. If you are going to take one of my favorite character actors ever, Mark Pellegrino, away from me, it does ease the sting slightly when you hand over Rick Springfield.

Supernatural returns on October 13th at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.

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  • I love this show I know no one who doesn’t can’t wait for October 13 th I love Dean and Sammy also Dean reminds me of my late husband your wifes are very lucky tell them to enjoy you and cherish you. See you later.

    Carol Mcclanahan on

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