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There is still one episode left before the “Supernatural” Season 11 finale. One of the things viewers of The CW supernatural drama series are eager to know is how to find and defeat the femme fatale named Amara (Emily Swallow).

In “Supernatural” Season 11 episode 21 titled “All in the Family,” which aired on May 11, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) sent Donatello Redfield (Keith Szarabajka) on his way. Sam was informed by Dean of Amara’s plans for him.

The Winchesters were concerned for Castiel. Because of this, the brothers devised a plan to rescue Lucifer from the clutches of Amara.

Because Amara is not easy to find and defeat, the Winchesters will not be enough to help God (Rob Benedict). This means that God will have to use all the familiar faces he can find.

“They’re cut from the same cloth so it’s a delicate thing,” Entertainment Weekly quoted Benedict as saying of the power of the Winchesters. He added that God definitely needs the siblings and “anyone else he can get” because he cannot do it by himself.

In episode 22 titled “We Happy Few,” which will air on May 18, the Winchesters will face the biggest challenge they have ever encountered. On the other hand, Rowena (Ruth Connell) is set to make her move.

“We Happy Few” will be followed by episode 23 titled “Alpha and Omega,” which will air on May 25. The Supernatural” Season 11 finale is written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Phil Sgriccia.

In March, it was confirmed that “Supernatural” Season 12 is happening. After Season 11, showrunner Jeremy Carver will step down and will be succeeded by Dabb and Robert Singer, TV Line has learned.

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