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'Supernatural' Season 11 News & Update: Show Will Introduce New Monsters And Will Have Final Run For The Season

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'Supernatural' Season 11 News & Update: Upcoming Episode To Introduce New Monsters, Will Have Final Run For The Season

"Supernatural" fans will have to wait for two weeks to see the next episode of "Supernatural" Season 11. However, the wait will be worth it because the upcoming episode will surely be a hit.

The last episode of "Supernatural" was filled with suspense, leaving the fans to shiver with excitement. Unfortunately, if you want to see more if it, you will be disappointed because it has no relation to the upcoming "Supernatural" Season 11 episode. However, the new episode will be as exciting and as fun as the last one.

"Supernatural" Season 11 Episode 19 Will Introduce New Monsters

The synopsis for "Supernatural" Season 11 episode 19, titled "The Chitters" is finally out.Yibada reported that in the upcoming "Supernatural" Season 11, Sam and Dean will visit a small town in Colorado to investigate a mysterious disappearance that happens every 27 years. The pair will meet two hunters who are also after the monsters.

Melty reported that "Supernatural" Season 11 episode 19 will introduce a new monster in the "Supernatural" mythos for the first time. Also, what makes it more interesting is that "The Chitters" only appears every 27 years. Why?

The report suggests that "The Chitters" is some sort of parasite that will trigger the host to act hyper aggressively, similar to zombies. Are you now excited to watch the next episode of "Supernatural" season 11?

"Supernatural" Season 11 Will Have Its Final Run

There is no doubt that it is daunting to wait for a film as exciting and as great as "Supernatural." However, here's good news. According to Inquisitr, "Supernatural" Season 11 will return with its final run, which suggests that there will be no long waits anymore. "Supernatural" Season 11 will air weekly until the finale.

Are you happy with this report? Are you excited to watch the upcoming episode of "Supernatural" Season 11? If you do, do not worry, all "Supernatural" fans feel the same way.

"Supernatural" Season 11 Episode 19, "The Chitters" will air on Apr. 27 at 9 P.M. EST on The CW.

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