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This is How Fans Would End 'Supernatural'

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It's the sad and inevitable reality nobody wants to admit - Supernatural will someday end. Actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles both recently discussed some of their own theories and wishes for the show's final moments. We asked fans how they would like to see Supernatural end its run, and we received a massive amount of reflective and thoughtful responses.

"When it ends, I would want them both to die. Don't think either would want to live without the other. They've proven that over and over. Especially Dean." - Susan
 "The best way would be for Dean to wander into a room where Sam is pecking at his computer. Sam tells Dean, 'We've got a hunt." Dean says, "Awesome.' [fade to black]" - Yanagi
 "If it does, you need Dean and Sam driving off to "Carry On Wayward Son," and do a whole throwback from Season 1 and up." - Dallas
"I'd love to see the show end with Jeffrey Dean Morgan coming back to take the boys to heaven after their final battle." - Aaron
"I would want God to return and set everything right. Then Cas can take Dean and Sam to heaven. There, they will reunite with their mom, dad, Jess, Bobby, Charlie, and everyone they ever loved. And finally get to be at peace. Somehow Baby needs to go to heaven too. It wouldn't be heaven to Dean without her." - Beverly
"Season 14, everyone dying with Chuck pushing the reset button and the boys playing outside with their parents and Bobby watching. Both Cas and Chuck looking down from heaven." - Bonnie
"Dean and Sam will be the new Archangels. Dean will replace Michael and Sam will replace Lucifer (the pure one, not the corrupted by the mark)." - Omer
"IF, and that's a big IF, the show has to end, I think it should end the way every episode ends. The boy will be driving Baby, talking about the family business. We'll know they're ok as long as they're together, fighting the good fight." - Lauren
"Dying for each other or the world has never been an issue for Sam or Dean. The true sacrifice would be going on alone. It seems Kripke always set it up for Sam and Dean to face off. Sam seems more prepared to live without Dean, so the true sacrifice would be Dean killing Sam in exchange for saving the world. Cas offers to wipe Dean's memories, but he wants to remember Sam, even if it hurts. God (Chuck) is moved by this, so he gives both boys an alternate normal life with families. We close out with a softball game of two teams, angels verses demons (Crowley, Azazel, Alastair, etc). Dean hit a grand slam home run, sending Sam, Bobby, and John home... (Camera pans to cheering fans: Jo, Ellen, Charlie, Kevin, Jessica). Camera fades out on score board ending with Score 13-0, Angels winning (or whatever season they are on at the time)" - Tonya
"There will be no ending. It's going to go on until Jensen and Jared are old and grey. And I'll still be watching it." - Melissa
How do you imagine the series to end?

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  • It’s should end with both of them dying, the screen flashes white and Sam is standing there with Gabriel. Gabriel tells same “that is what will happen, if you go with your brother” Gabriel snaps his fingers and disappears, as we hear the front door being broken into and it’s the start of the 1st episode again. Full circle, nothing can be done or fixed.

    Melissa on
  • I think it should where both Sam and Dean had their last battle and they drive off and Cas appears saying " it’s time to come home. You are done" and after that carry on my wayward son needs to singing and it ends like that.

    Tara Fron on
  • We all know Sam and Dean have to die or else we wouldn’t get full closure (they’ve died before but oh well) and when they go to heaven they wake up in baby in front of their childhood house, they walk up to the door and open it. Inside is everyone that left them along their journey, from Jo to Charlie, and they stand there for a second before engaging everybody while Carry on my wayward son is playing and when "don’t you cry no more plays the front door closes and then darkness. The end.

    Jacob on
  • Cas was always God, that’s why he never died and he never left but he wanted to always have an eye on his kids. That’s why he always helped with every fight from lucifer to leviathans to the mark to the darkness. He then decides to take matters into his own hands. Sam and Dean defeat the darkness but their bodies are too far broken To be repaired and Sam dies first and while he is dying he says “don’t let me inside the house, promise”and then Dean says “I promise” then he dies and Castiel steps in to do his work and then Dean “dies” but then he wakes up with him hearing his mom and dad screaming. He rushed towards his brothers room and his dad tells him “Go Dean, take ur brother and run outside as fast as u can” and we see them outside and little Sam is in big brother deans arm and he says “I promised I wouldn’t leave u inside the house” then the screen runs black. And we hear casitel’s voice say “let us see how they live their lives this 3 third time”

    Isaac on
  • I think that they should make it to where everyone both good and bad dies and after total annihilation Sam and Dean wake up and they are institutionalized and the whole series was just them dreaming that night while they were in an insane asylum!

    Ryan on

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