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'Supernatural': Top 3 Shocking Moments In Season 11, Episode 18 'Hell's Angles' [RECAP]

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It seems inevitable that God will show himself on "Supernatural" in season 11. The events of episode 18 proved that Amara/The Darkness is desperate to confront her brother (God) who rarely appears on Earth.

Here are the top three moments from the latest "Supernatural" episode:

1. Crowley tries to make a deal

"Hell's Angels" started with Crowley offering Dean and Sam a deal: A Hand of God in exchange for exorcising Lucifer from Castiel and putting him back in the cage. Of course, there are several problems to this deal. Firstly, they don't have a witch since Rowena is dead. Secondly, Lucifer is the only one who can defeat Amara.

2. Lucifer tells the angels, "You could call me God"

Speaking of Lucifer, he is busy taking over Heaven. When Amara tests her powers, Heaven shakes and a dark cloud descends. Scared, the angels agree to bow down to Lucifer. Of course, they won't be calling him God anytime soon.

As the episode progresses, we learn that Rowena is alive and working alongside Amara. Since Dean and Sam desperately need that Hand of God, they lure Lucifer to exorcise him. However, the devil is powerful and quickly overpowers all of them.

3. Lucifer can't defeat Amara

In the end, Lucifer uses the Hand of God, but it doesn't work on Amara. That's when the Winchesters realize that the Hand of God, in this instance the Horn of Joshua, must be used by one of God's chosen ones in order to defeat The Darkness. Lucifer isn't the chosen one so he obviously cannot take her down.

The hour ended with Amara torturing Lucifer since he is God's first and favorite son. She is confident that God will show himself if he beats his son, but Lucifer thinks she shouldn't hold her breath.

Do you think God will show himself in "Supernatural" season 11? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

"Supernatural" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

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