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Supernatural Season 11: Episode 18 trailer, it's Lucifer versus Amara!

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When Amara plans to delete the universe, it's up to the Winchester brothers to stop her. The only hitch? Lucifer has the one weapon that can destroy her. Watch the trailer for Supernatural Season 11: Episode 18 below!

While we're very much of the opinion that God shouldn't be brought back in Supernatural Season 11, it certainly looks like that dramatic confrontation is coming very soon. After all, Chuck is returning to fight The Darkness in Episode 20 of Supernatural Season 11, and next week Lucifer decides it's time to have a go. The plot synopsis is as follows: "THE EPIC BATTLE FOR POWER BEGINS – Lucifer takes a trip home and tries to assert himself into Heaven. Crowley tells Sam and Dean he has a way to take down Amara." Will the angels submit to Lucifer's authority? Will Crowley double-cross the Winchester brothers, or does he genuinely want to help them take down The Darkness? Watch the promo trailer for Episode 18 ("Hell's Angel") below!


So the one thing that can beat The Darkness is a McGuffin known as the Horn of Joshua. What are they going to do, blow it until she asks them to stop? In the Bible, when the horns (or trumpets) of Joshua's army were blown, it brought down the walls of Jericho, but we don't see how that has much relevance here other than the implication that the horn is an extremely powerful object. Unfortunately for the Winchester brothers, in the trailer it looks like Lucifer has it, and something tells us that he isn't going to play ball. It looks like he's starting a coup in Heaven and taking control (cheekily asking them to call him God), and with none of the angels standing up to him, he may soon have all of Heaven's armies at his control. Amara seems to do something that shakes the very essence of Heaven though, so we could very well have a giant fight between Lucifer and The Darkness on our hands next week! For regular updates on Supernatural, click the green subscribe button below. Are you excited for the epic showdown next week?

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